Complaints and Auditing


FPA Australia's Compliance work falls into two categories - scheduled auditing, and investigations.

In the event that audits or investigations requires action, a Notice of Decision is issued to the subject outlining FPA Australia's decision and the reason behind it.

These outcomes are recorded publicly, including any suspensions issued and the dates they are active between.


FPA Australia's Compliance Team manages annual scheduled audits for practitioners under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) and Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD). FPA Australia is committed to auditing a certain proportion of practitioners each year to ensure ongoing compliance and the highest possible standards of performance.

In January 2021, FPA Australia commenced its first scheduled audit of FPAS practitioners, in accordance with the New South Wales Government Requirements. FPA Australia has developed the Auditing and Compliance Policy & Procedures to ensure transparency within this space.

In March 2021 the Bushfire Planning & Design (BPAD) Auditing and Compliance Policy and Procedures were reviewed and updated. This document outlines the policy and procedures applying to the audit and investigation of practitioners accredited under the Bushfire Planning and Design Schemes.


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FPA Australia will endeavour to process all complaints as quickly and fairly as possible, however we are unable to give timeframes to complainants as this is dependent on the information that may need to be gathered.

For more information on how FPA Australia handles complaints, please refer to the FPA Australia Complaints Handling Policy.


Certain matters and requested actions cannot be actioned by FPA Australia, eg. compensation, contractual disputes, rectification of defective work, hearsay.

FPA Australia can action complaints against the following:

  • Accredited Practitioners (Fire Safety)
    • This can include Fire Safety Assessors and Fire System Designers.
  • FPA Australia members
  • Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) practitioners
  • FPA Australia


When submitting a complaint to FPA Australia, it is advised that you provide a brief outline of the complaint and any relevant evidence you can gather, including documentation or correspondence exchanged between you and the complaint subject.



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