When making a complaint you have the option to remain anonymous, and all potential breaches reported will be undertaken in strict confidence by FPA Australia.

Please note however that if you choose to remain anonymous or withhold information, we may not be able to handle your complaint. If you provide contact details for yourself to FPA Australia, we will endeavour to keep your details private as we investigate your complaint.

FPA Australia will endeavour to process all complaints as quickly as possible, however we are unable to give timeframes to complainants as this is dependent on the information that may need to be gathered.

For more information on how FPA Australia handles complaints, please refer to the FPA Australia Complaints Handling Policy.


Certain matters and requested actions cannot be actioned by FPA Australia, eg. compensation, contractual disputes, rectification of defective work, hearsay.

FPA Australia can action complaints against the following:

  • Accredited Practitioners (Fire Safety) - including Fire Safety Assessors and Fire System Designers
  • FPA Australia members
  • Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) practitioners
  • FPA Australia


We recommend that before you submit a complaint to FPA Australia, you consider writing a letter of complaint to the complaint subject - that way, the business is clearly aware of the problem and what you want, and you also have a record of your contact. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your concerns and potentially resolve your issue without lodging a formal complaint.


When submitting a complaint to FPA Australia, it is advised that you provide a brief outline of the complaint and any relevant evidence you can gather, including documentation or correspondence exchanged between you and the complaint subject.


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