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Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) Corporate members are made up of manufacturers and suppliers of fire protection products and services. These include fire systems designers & certifiers, educators, bushfire consultants and other individuals and companies working as part of the fire protection community to provide a safer environment for all Australians.


All FPA Australia member companies sign up to and agree to abide by the Code of Practice. All individuals accredited under an FPA Australia accreditation schemes are bound by the Code of Professional Conduct.The Code of Practice and/or the Code of Professional Conduct (the Code) prescribes the principles, standards of behaviour, and service delivery requirements and applies to all FPA Australia Signatories to the Code. Compliance with the Code establishes the benchmark for the delivery of products and services to the community. Signatories shall strive for best practice in relation to quality and compliance of work. Work undertaken by signatories should as a minimum, comply with or seek to exceed, all relevant legislation, codes and standards.



Any person may make a complaint. FPA Australia will endeavour to process all complaints as quickly as possible, however we are unable to give timeframes to complainants as this will depend on the information that may need to be gathered. We endeavour to process complaints within 15 business days.


There will be certain matters and requested action that FPA Australia will not be able to action for various reasons eg.

compensation, contractual disputes, rectification of defective work, hearsay. 


Raising your concerns with the relevant parties

In the first instance, FPA Australia advises that you make contact with the fire protection company or contractor you are seeking to put forward your complaint about, in order to discuss your concerns and seek resolution wherever possible. This may assist with resolving an issue.

It is a good idea to write a complaint letter-that way, the business is clearly aware of the problem and what you want, and you also have a record of your contact.


Reporting and investigating potential Code breaches

Suspected breaches of the Code must be reported in writing to the FPA Australia via post or online. Such written complaints must include the name and contact details of the complainant and include:

  • a brief outline of the complaint with supporting evidence, and
  • copies of all documentation/correspondence exchanged between the complainant and the company in question regarding the complaint being reported to FPA Australia


FPA Australia will:

  • receive allegations about breaches of the Code
  • investigate all alleged breaches for validity
  • determine whether a breach has occurred, and if appropriate, refer the matter to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FPA Australia for further determination and possible investigation


If FPA Australia determines a major breach has occurred, the CEO may immediately suspend the Signatory's membership pending the outcome of a further investigation.


Outcomes when a breach is identified

If the outcome of an investigation determines a breach of the Code, the CEO may decide on, but is not limited to, one or a combination of the following options:

  • seek a formal apology from the Signatory for the breach as well as a written undertaking from the Signatory that the breach will not be repeated
  • require the Signatory to take specified remedial action to correct the breach and avoid re-occurrence
  • send a formal warning to the Signatory
  • refer the matter to the appropriate Regulatory Authority
  • suspend the membership of the Signatory
  • in the event of a Signatory's suspension of membership, the matter will be referred to the Board of Directors for further determination. This may result in continued suspension whilst remedial action is taken, for example, professional development, training, qualification and/or licence attainment
  • inform the Signatory to take immediate steps to cease using any FPA Australia trademark logo and not imply in any way that it is a member of or affiliated with the Association. The Board has sole discretion to terminate a Signatory's membership.


Note:  When completing your submission you will have the option to remain anonymous and all potential breaches reported will be undertaken in strict confidence by FPA Australia.

If you choose to remain anonymous or withhold information, we may not be able to handle your complaint.  


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