Federal Budget 2021-22

Posted on : Wednesday, 12 May 2021

The Morrison Government has released its Budget for 2021-22 and has once again targeted policy towards improving recovery from the negative economic impacts of the Coronavirus. 


Last night's Budget provided further tax relief and big spending, focused on incentives for training and support for working families. 


Key initiatives were announced to wean businesses off the need for subsidies such as JobKeeper and encourage the development of the skills needed for Australia's workforce. 


Investment in training programs and apprenticeships is likely to help industries such as the fire protection sector, allowing improvements in industry standards and a move towards professionalism.


Unfortunately, the Budget will continue to be in deficit for some time, but the Government's plans are to bring it back into surplus as quickly as possible, without disadvantaging small businesses. 


Once again, 'jobs' is the word of choice, and the Morrison Government believes that this Budget will deliver greater employment. 


And with increased employment comes better business confidence, more spending and investment, and a faster recovery. 


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