Some clarity in NSW, further lockdowns in VIC and SA

Posted on : Wednesday, 21 July 2021

(Updated on 21July)


Please note, as of 21 July, restrictions on fire protection work in residential premises have been lifted.  Read more  here.   



There are now 1,452 cases across the country, 1,281 in NSW, 96 in Victoria, 36 in Queensland, and 18 in SA.   


WA has 15 cases and NT 6, but none of these were locally acquired.  



In NSW, the definition of 'authorised worker' has now been extended to include 'fire protection and safety', allowing fire protection practitioners living in Fairfield, Liverpool, or Canterbury-Bankstown to leave the region for work. 


Unfortunately, we do not yet have the clarification sought about routine service work in residential premises, but hope to see a new Public Health Order which will resolve this soon.  We will circulate the final decision when we receive it.  


A COVID-19 affected truck driver who visited the areas of Orange, Blayney, and Cabonne Shires has caused a 7-day lockdown of those Central West councils, extending the areas of concern beyond the Blue Mountains.  


In Victoria, with the level of new cases not declining at all, the Government has decided to extend the current state-wide lockdown for at least another 7 days - it is now scheduled to end at 11.59pm on Tuesday, 27 July, 2021.   


Across the border to the west, South Australia has now moved to Level 5 restrictions with its own 7-day state-wide lockdown, to try to get a handle on its current case load.  


At this stage, no other states appear to be considering further lockdowns, but this could change quickly.  


FPA Australia sends everybody currently in lockdown its best wishes and our hopes that restrictions end soon.    


Check the Coronavirus Hub to see the latest restrictions, or visit the relevant government Coronavirus sites through the links below: