Australian Standards and Technical Advisory Committee Updates - December, 2021

Posted on : Friday, 10 December 2021



Australian Standards

Here's the latest on fire protection-related standards building developed at Standards Australia:   


FP-002 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Resolution of the public comment on the AS 1670.6 revision and AS 3786 revision (an adoption, with modification, of ISO 12239) continues.



FP-004 Automatic fire sprinkler installations

Progress continues on the revision of AS 2118.6.


FP-018 Fire Safety

Progress continues on the revisions of AS 1530.1 (Combustibility test) and AS 1530.4 (Fire-resistance tests).



FP-020 Construction in Bushfire
Prone Areas

Progress continues on the new handbook for "Maintenance of construction in bushfire-prone areas" (SA HB 208).


FP-022 Fire Protection of Mobile and Transportable Equipment

Resolution of the public comment on AS 5062 continues.





Technical Advisory Committees update 


The final round of TAC meetings was held via webconference this November, where the TACs closed out their work from this year and prepared themselves for 2022.


The topic of discussion at many TACs this past year, a very early draft of a white paper on lithium batteries fires and the challenge they pose was circulated to the TAC for feedback with many members responding to this topical subject.



TAC/1 Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment

TAC/1 reconfirmed its work program for 2022 to continue work on reviewing comments for the draft project proposal for the revision of AS 1851-2012 as well as other projects to update or develop new technical documents.


TAC/2 Fire detection and alarm systems

The TAC continues to seek to progress the draft Good Practice Guide on speaker layout. The Information Bulletin on building occupant warning systems is also almost at the stage for final editing.


TAC/2 is reviewing a previous draft document on detection in carparks.


TAC/3/7 Portable and mobile equipment

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the TAC/3/7 meeting had to be cancelled.


However, there has been much progress in this space with documents on extinguisher agent replacement and foam extinguisher marking in advanced development as well as issue registers being created for a potential revision of AS/NZS 1841 and AS/NZS 1850.


As such, the TAC will be preparing for a busy year in 2022. 


TAC/4/8/9 Fire sprinkler and hydrant systems, tanks and fixed fire pumps

The TAC revisited previous work on pumpset checklists and how these are to be made available.


There was much discussion on the requirements of different Australian Standards including AS 2118.1 (concealed spaces, incidental storage and protection of high voltage areas), AS 2118.6 (water supply calculation) and AS 2304 (break tanks, test drain sizes).



TAC/11/22 Special hazards fire protection systems

There have been minimal developments at TAC/11/22 given AS 5062 is near completion and a lull in the policy space regarding firefighting foam.


However, firefighting foams are expected to be a hot topic in 2022 with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) beginning a review of its requirements, the implementation of the Commonwealth's Industrial Chemicals Environmental Standard (IChEMS) Register and an expected new firefighting foam proposal at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). 


TAC/17 Emergency planning

An update of the Information Bulletin on Evacuation Diagrams is nearing completion along with a new document on the requirement to have emergency plans.


Work also continues in earnest on the issue register that is to form the basis of a potential project proposal to revise AS 3745 as well as other technical documents that may also support this. 


TAC/18/19 Passive fire protection

IB-18 Using Polyurethan Foams was published on 12 November.


Work continues on another possible document on unfilled frames in fire doorsets.


Discussion on training and other documents continues as does contribution to the work of FP-018. 


TAC/20 Bushfire Safety

Mark Whybro, Chair of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Australia, provided an update and presentation during the recent TAC/20 meeting.


The meeting also included an update and discussion on AS 5414-2012 Bushfire water spray systems.


Work continues on a BPAD practice note on conducting BAL assessments using method 1 of AS 3959:2018.