Routine Service Training

Our Courses are structured for those that are either experienced in the relevant areas of enrolment OR have access to an experienced mentor for on the job training.

Courses are delivered via self-paced study within designated timeframes and Practical Assessment completed via remote video  assessment.


FPA Australia offer the following nationally recognised qualifications; 


CPP20521 Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing

- For fire protection technicians responsible for non-trade installation and regular servicing of fire protection equipment and systems.


CPP30811 Certificate III in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing 

- For fire protection technicians responsible for installation, commissioning and complex servicing of fire protection systems, or supervision of fire protection services work.



Our qualifications contribute to meeting the requirements to carry out licenced work in some Australian States and Territories

  • Extinguishing Agents Handling Licences (EAHL)
  • Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) Fire Occupational Licences
  • Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) Inspect and Test Class
  • Restricted plumbing registration (South Australia & Victoria)
  • Fire Protection Permit (Tasmania)



Important Training Information:


Remote Assessment Guide


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Training delivered by: 

Fire Protection Association Australia - RTO Code 20851